Tuesday, January 29, 2013

when emotions running high

I am officially emotionally unstable.

yes. Back to 2009 I was a person with sensitive emotions. Everything turned out sour/bitter/awful. 

Today, it seems like my life had completed the emotions cycle when again I have to face the same feeling.

I feel dreadful.

I feel unhappy.

I feel stupid.

I feel dead inside.

I don’t feel good about myself. I can’t feel the sweet-ness in my life. Hell isn’t it? However, somehow I’m not really surprise with this bitter life. It is expected since my odd years are always being my terrible years.

It does always be that way since I was born I guess.

I think my odd years had been cursed.


Dear 2013, can’t you compromise with me a bit please? I need a lil bit of sugar for this year. A lil bit are just good enough. I want to treasure this year happily. Not emotionally.

Please be good to me.

I beg. 

1 comment:

anna hashim said...

emo memanjang...sket2 nak emo..babab kang baru tau..haipppppp..biasa dia ....:-p hehheheeee..love u :-) wink wink