Sunday, July 27, 2008

money is not everything...but everything needs money

my mom always told me about money is not everything...whenever i am talking about having a lot of money, she will remind me with that qoute..even though sometimes i'm slightly disagree with my mom but i do agree with this qoute.

yeap..we needs money to survive in this world..but money is not everything..there are other things that are more important than money.for me most important is my family and my study. i think my life would be sooo dull if i dont have any family..maybe i have friends, but how far does friends gonna help me?if i were given a choice either unlimited money for the whole life or my family, without hesitate i will choose my family..cuz money is just for the world.but family, it is for the world and hereafter. furthermore, we can earn money if we are really put an effort towards it. but family, once we are family we are always appreciating family is more important than appreciating money.

i am so thankful to Allah that i am not type of person who is really into in a medium class family with very low profile parents and been taught since small that we have to be thankful with what we have, makes me a very very simple person.even though sometimes i have such desire to have a pair of levis jeans or wearing a watch from guess, but i just put it aside. i know my parents and my self whenever i saw something that is out of my capability, i set a dream that once i have a lot of money i will buy it for myself and my family.and i will always pray to Allah to give me a blessing life and that, even if i dont have lots of money, but i still can spend the money to fulfill my without blessing for sure will finished in a short time..sometimes we dont even realizes that we are running out of money.

and i also feels very very grateful cuz Allah does not test me with money.some people, Allah give them a test on money.maybe they had a lot of money and they will wasting their money for something that is unnecessary or they spend their money for something which is forbidden.and maybe they forgot to pay zakah. the other test is when a medium class people who is craving for money..OMG!this is totally awful..i do facing this kind of people and i think they really looks stupid.i hope Allah gives them some guidelines before they gone too far.

the other important thing in my life is education.just imagine that u have 1 zillion in your bank account and you're dumb ass!u just know how to spend the money but u dont know how to invest it.for me, even u have a thousand, u should invest 1/10 of your least u have back up for the todays world, i think people can finish it just about one month.or maybe less than that.just imagine u buy all the louis vuitton [is it the correct spelling??] handbag, living in the 5 star suite, or maybe doing liposuction to make over your body..nah...a zillion?it is a small amount of money.but if u're smart, with a zillion, u can buy a share in trump company or join venture with warner bros, that will make u earn more money.

as a conclusion,money is not everything, but everything needs money.

Glamorous - Fergie

If you aint got no money take yo'broke ass home
You say: If you aint got no money take yo'broke ass home
G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S

We flying the first class
Up in the sky
Poppin' champagne
Livin' the life
In the fast lane
And I wont change
For the glamorous, oh the flossy flossy

The glamorous,
The glamorous, glamorous (the glamorous life)
For the glamorous, oh the flossy flossy

Wear them gold and diamonds rings
All them things dont mean a thing
Chaperons and limousines
Shopping for expensive things
I be on the moovie screens
Magazines and boogie scenes
Im not clean, Im not pristine
Im n queen, Im no machine
I still go to Taco Bell
Drivethrough, raw as Hell
I dont care, Im still real
No matter how many records I seel
After the show or after the grammys
I like to go cool out with the family
Sippin', reminscing on days when I had a Mustang
And now I'm in...

[B-section then chorus]

Im talking Champagne wishes, caviar dreams
You deserve nothing but all the finer things
Now this whole world has no clue to do with us
I've got enough money in the bank for the two of us
Brother gotta keep enough lettuce
To support your shoe fetish
Lifestyles so rich and famous
Robin Leach will get jelous
Half a million for the stones
Takin trips from here to Rome
So If you aint got no money take yo'broke ass home
G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S

[B-section + chorus x2]

I got problems up to here
I've got people in my ear
Telling me these crazy things
That I dont want to know (fuck y'all)
I've got money in the bank
And I'd really like to thank
All the fans, I'd like to thank
Thank you really though
Cuz i remember yesterday
When I dreamt about the days
When I'd rock on MTV, that be really dope
Damn, It's been a long road
And the industry is cold
I'm glad my daddy tell me so, he let his daugther know. [x3]


Saturday, July 26, 2008

key of freeeeeeeeedom~~~

July 23rd, i officially 21st years old........damnnn..i'm getting old and later i need to use olay total effect to repair and maintain my face from wrinkle and other old sign..hahaha!just joking ler...

neway..nothing happen on my just the same day like usual. on 12.00 a.m sue brought me to mcD.she spent an ice-cream and my feveret is mcflurrrrrrryy [thanksss sue..]~then get back home and study for midterm on the next dayy..and by the way thanks for those who wish on that night..they are, sharul [he wish me before 12.00 a.m - wanna be the 1st person.haha], sue, my dad [sharp at 12.00 a.m], my mom [couple of minutes after my dad.=P], my sis[she buzz me on ym several time.hehe], rima[yeah..i'm old...WE are old.huhu], reen and faisaaallll[the last person i talk to before i slept]

i slept around 2.30 a.m and i woke up at 12 o' it???nah...i think around 1 pm only i woke up. luckily i dun have any classes on that day...soooo i'm freeee.but.............i'm all alone..i msg nik to ask her whether she wanted to lunch with me..but unfortunately she has to take care of her housemate..[not feeling well..dunno whats wrong]. then i went down and tapau fried mee hoon with ayam masak merah..then i went to my room and i ate it ALONE while watching anakku bukan anakku drama...[sue's feveret.]then i went down again, buying a connetto love's spark ice-cream and green tea.then take my laundry and went back to my roomm..i just pampered my self with the ice-cream in front of my pc with some sentimental song played on.i feel soo sad because i cant give any best present for myself since i'm lack of money...but i dunno where the voice came from but the voice whispered to me that i might give myself the best besday present by studying hard for my midterm...haha!but unfortunately..i am not really follow the mystery voice..=P

then around 3 pm, redza wish me besday..i thought he forgot my bday already.hehe.then he ask me whether i was celebrating my besday last night..and i said he ask me whether i want to celebrate with him..then i just said ok since i've nothing much to do other than study for mid term.but the plan was canceled dunno y..act it's not cancel but it was been postponed to the next night.since the plan had been postponed, soo i used my night time to study and foruming.haha.i cannot concentrate on my study...o yeah..forgot to say thanks to those who sent a bday comment at my friendster - kak zana [lama tak nampak], along [her bday just a day after my bday], kak long,urmmmmmmmm who else eyh..o yea jaja[my old friend] and mirul [just wish]..owh one more thing...on my bday..i dunno y i enjoying listening to HIM's songs...i played all HIM's song and sing it together with ville vallo.hehe.

24th july, i missed 2 classes...i am lazy girl.apa nak jd laa..huhu.i woke up at 11.30 am.i take a bath and get ready for my mid term...then i went to class my friend keat wish me hapy bday.thanks keat.then intan also wish me.she said she forgot my bday.haha.hen the midterm beginn...i hv no idea what will be the result since i'm not studied with full-hearted.hehe. hope it will be okkkayyyyy~

during night i accompanied nik for dinner but she dont want to ate at the kedai kuning.she afraid if i will be late for the dinner with redza, rima, andrew and alison..around 9.30 pm rima fetch me and we went to Amigo.then few minutes later redza,andrew and alison arrive there. i ate sizzling steak black pepper and i think it is delicious and it really make me fulll~around 12 am we r going back.went i entered my room i saw sue slept already.she's must be tired.hehe.then i also sleptttttt..

25th July, i woke up around 12 and nik msg me cause she's hungry~haha.then i went to makcik indon cafe with nik and take my so called breakfast and lunch there.then i went back to my house...but then later nik msg me again said that rima ask us to go to her house because she wants to cook pasta~yeayyy!rima really good at cook.haha.when i arrived at rima's house, i helped her to cook and ate it..i dun care about my diet when it comes to rima's cook.haha.o yeah...rima made batik cake for me...OMG~she's really RAJIN laa..then we ate untill we are totally fulll..and when gals lepak-ing for sure there will be grooming session.haha.freda try to perm nik's hair.and it's fail...hehe.then nik had been our victim which we make up her face..act we spot at her eyes since rima have lot of eye shadow.and she is really willingly to be the victim..after freda went back home, rima suddenly ask me to put some henna at her..but i dun dare to since i am not so creative in making such a beautiful design on her hand.then i make a try on my hand and it was pretty ugly~haha.later nik ask me to on her some henna.luckily it was ok.then rima ask me to put it at her feet.haha.then i just put it with very common design.after a while we wash it at the result is the henna colour is just a very plain orange..but it's okay since the design is just astupid design.hehe.and after we finish with the henna, rima sent me and nik home.the best thing on this day was nik actually dunno when is my bday and she thought my bday is on 28th July.[pon boleyyy la nik]

and now 26th July, i am sitting in front of my pc, writing a blog and listening to dewa's songs. and also chatting with faisal just now..the ym offline AGAIIINNNNNN.hate it~~~

now...i think i want to sleep...i am a baby so i need to sleep 12 hours every dayy..that's mean around 3pm tomorrow i'll wake up..good nighttt..

song of the dayyy...baru je curi dari rima tadi....layyyyyyannnnnnnnnnn~

Menaruh Harapan - Zaiton Sameon

Sepanjang perjalanan ini
Lembah dan lurah ku lewati
Ketenangan yang ku cari
Belum ku temui

Ku menghimpun doa bertahun
Mencari pepohon nan rimbun
Bertemu dahan nan rapuh
Tempat ku berteduh

( korus )
Dulu aku sendiri
Kini masih sendiri
Hadapi hidup ini
Susah senang diri ku
Tak bertempat mengadu
Seperti burung kepatahan sayap...
Dihati kecil ku menaruh harapan...

Selagi hidup belum sudah
Aku akan terus melangkah
Ku yakin rahmat buat ku
Di hadapan menunggu...


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

kenapa M.A.L.A.S????

ya Allah sejak akhir-akhir ni aku malas giler siottttttt...khamis ni nak aku dok sebok ngadap pc..biler nak bukak buku je rasa malas sesangaaaaaattt.ape bilik aku dok skang ni byk entiti negatif ka apa?? ne ni...dah tu..otak pon lembab gile...nak ingat sesuatu benda tu punya la payah...slalu nye aku tak de la susah sgt nak mengingat ape2 pon..specially lirik la ni lirik lagu pon aku tak leyh igt...giler la..otak aku ni nape?nak kate nengok bende XXX idok plak..bosan kot citer satu kaler nih..latest yang aku dok layan "xo xo gossip girl" ade laaa..

aih, susah nye laaa nak ni buku dok ada depan mate mate ni maseh nak ngadap pc..buku die tak mo pandang pon..ngengada tul..aku buat notes sket2 pon aku tak leyh igt kes ape2..slalunye biler tgh wat notes tu at least kes2 tu da bleyh igt daaa...ya Allah ape da jd dgn aku ni....nex week aku balik kuale nak brain wash otak aku ni bagi fresh mcm sakettt je..tak bermaya...susah la mcm ni...da la nnt midterm dekat2 tarekh nye...OMG!harap2 pas cuti ni aku dpt new spirit...

bile aku pikir2 balik nape aku malas aku pon tak tau nape..nak kate bz ngedate tak de nak ngedate dgn sesape pon...kot bz wat bisnes takde gak bisnes malasss..nak kate aku malas sebab aku asyik moyan a.k.a berforum tak jugak...pasal dolu-dolu pon aku berporem,apakah sebab dan puncanyaa...aku pon tak aku rasa maybe sb aku kurang serasi dgn bilik aku skang ni[alasannnn!!]atau pon aku ni je memang pemalas hanjeng nak belajar. alasannn je sume tu...da memang diri sendiri malas nak salah kan benda lain..hahaha.

atau pon letih sb asyik tidoooooooooo je...aih.aku sem ni asyik tido je..tau la bilik ni sejuk..tak yah pasang kipas pon boleyh lena siap berselimut...[aih..bilik lg yg salah.]maybe bilik ni terlalu selesa sampai aku takder mood nak belajar..mood yg ada adalah mood bermalas-malasan mcm mane aku nak adapt diri aku dgn bilik yang bagaikan di genting highland ni??adakah aku harus pasang pemanas??or aku pkai baju berlapis2 mcm kt eskimo???merepek daaaaaaa...

da laaa tu...nak study...moga2 aku "ter"rajen la study...kalo tak maleh bebeno..ciao sin chi...

lagu dikala malas...

Kosong - Dewa 19

Kamu seperti hantu
Terus menghantuiku
Ke mana pun tubuhku pergi
Kau terus membayangi aku

Salahku biarkan kamu
Bermain dengan hatiku
Aku tak bisa memusnahkan
Kau dari pikiranku ini

Di dalam keramaian aku masih merasa sepi
Sendiri memikirkan kamu
Kau genggam hatiku
Dan kau tuliskan namamu
Kau tulis namamu

Tubuhku ada di sini
Tetapi tidak jiwaku
Kosong yang hanya kurasakan
Kau telah tinggal di hatiku


Sunday, July 20, 2008

adakah bahasa inggeris kayu pengukur tahap intelektual seseorang???

perghhh..tajuk intelektual beb...huhu.

actually baru je kejap td aku melepak kat web feveret aku...then aku ternampak la ade orang bukak topic kata "nik aziz tak pandai bertutur dalam bahasa inggeris"[betul ke inggeris?english le senang.]orang ni memang jaki dengan nik aziz.then dia kata mcm ni ke pemimpin yang di banggakan oleh segelintir orang

lalu dia pon paste kan ade satu article dlm bahasa inggeris yg ditulis oleh seorang blogger berkaitan isu hangat sekarang ni...orang tu jugak dengan selamba nye berkata, since Tuan Guru tak pandai bahasa inggeris maka dgn itu, tuan guru tak mampu memahami pandangan dan pemikiran orang lain yang di tulis dlm bahasa inggeris.dan kemudiannye, tak mampu nak bagi penerangan pada pengikutnya yang

ape yang aku tau laa..kebanyakan orang-orang yang sependapat dan setuju dengan nik aziz bukan orang-orang hulu yang sekolah bawah pokok.tapi kebanyakannya golongan profesional.dan juga mereka-mereka yang mendalami ilmu agama dan ilmu undang-undang [man made law and syariah].tapi kalo yang support yang satu lg parti tu kebanyakannya orang-orang yang tidak mahukan perubahan dan orang yang ada kepentingan dalam parti tersebut..mungkin laaa..

tapi tu laa...sayang sejuta kali sayang...pada aku, sengkat sungguh pemikiran manusia ini...dalam masa ketuanan melayu ke hulu ke hilir, sempat lagi dia berbangga dgn bahasa inggeris..dalam satu website ni memang ada tulis yang nik aziz mengakui lemah dalam bahasa inggeris kerana kurang praktis..broken english boleyh laa...but does it means orang itu ta layak jd pemimpin??

sedeyh lagi melihat bekas menteri penerangan bersoal jawab di station tv antarabangsa. bahasa inggeris nya berterabur dan cara percakapannya tidak menggambarkan dia adalah dari golongan professional.pada pendapat aku laa.. untuk jd menteri penerangan malaysia, firstly, appearance kene kemas dan bersih.juga boleh membawa imej yang baik dan bersih kepada negara.and most important thing, communication skill and public relation skill.harap-harapnya menteri penerangan yang ada sekarang ni better than the past.

okay back to the topic, pasal bahasa inggeris ni tadi..memang la english tu penting as it is international language, tapi kalo cakap english mengalahkan mat salleh, tapi otak kosong..mcm mana nak jadi pemimpin???mana yang lebeyh penting utk menjadi seorang pemimpin yang bagus??bahasa inggeris yang superb tp otak kosong or bahasa inggeris nye ala2 je, tapi mempunyai idea yang brilliant dan berfikiran kritis dan maju kehadapan??

aku prefer yang second choice tu, bior le ckp broken english tp pandai menguruskan negara.dan yang paling penting pegang amanah sebagai kalo sembang english je lebat tapi habuk pon tak de nak wat baik jd tutor bahasa inggeris jer lagi baikk...

aku pon tak paham la nape ade orang yang mentaliti nye kurang tinggi.huhu..yang mengutarakan isu ni pon dari golongan profesional [katanye laa].sedeyh aku tengok..semoga orang yang suka merendah-rendahkan taraf ulama' ni diberi petunjuk if orang tu islam..[aku pon tak pasti org tu agama ape..=p]

The world is black - Good Charlotte

Turn on channel seven at a quarter to eight
You see the same damn thing
It's just a different day
And no one really knows why this is happening
But it's happening

And everywhere you go it's just a different place
You get the same dark feeling
See the same sad faces
No one really cares that this is happening

We come into this world
We are all the same
And in that moment there's no one to blame

But the world is black
And hearts are cold
And there's no hope
That's what we're told
And we can't go back
It won't be the same
Forever changed
By the things we've said , said

Living in this place
It's always been this way
There's no one doing nothing
So there's nothing changed
And I can't live when this world
Just keeps dying
It's dying
People always tell me, this is part of the plan
That God's got everybody in his hands
But I could only pray that God is listening
Is he listening?

But living in this world
Growing colder everyday
Nothing can stay perfect
Now I say

but The world is black
And hearts are cold
And there's no hope
That's what we're told
And we can't go back
It won't be the same
Forever change
By the things we've said (said,said)

We come into this world
And we are all the same
And in that moment there's no one to blame
But we're living in this world
Growing colder everyday
Nothing can stay perfect
Now I say

The world is black
And hearts are cold
And there's no hope
That's what we're told
And we can't go back
It won't be the same
Forever change
By the things we've said (said, said)

Turn on channel seven at a quarter to eight
You see the same damn thing it's just a different day
And no one really knows why this is happening.


Monday, July 14, 2008

karma..[what goes around comes around]

i do believe in karma and will always believe in karma.but some people said that it is ridiculous to believe in such thing.they said that all things happen because of fate.but things happen for reason..maybe it happen to teach us a lesson or make us be more careful next time.

i will always be careful on my action even though sometimes i do hurt people and downgrade people.but most of the time, i do it because of the provocation made from the other side.i also face the karma rules.the words that i have thrown to other people do come back to me.hahaha.and i take it as a lesson learn.and i do curse people also..and it WORKS!yeay! i might be sound cruel, but i'm happy when the people that i've curse face trouble.what u give u get back.and that person deserve to the annoyance.if u make me feel awful later u will suffer two times awful than me.

and if u make any good deeds, sooner or later when u face any trouble, people will help if u really sincere in what ever you do and never betray people around you, with god's will your life will be happier and much more meaningful.but if u always hurt people or create bad relationship with people around you, your will not be happy. even you have lots of money and a great job, but because u always create "scene" with others, you will always feel that your life is incomplete.know why??? because people that frustrated with your action will surely curse you whether with or without intention.thats why we should treat people nicely so that, people wont talk bad things about you instead they might always compliment u..huhu.

thus, always treat people like u want people to treat u..for me the key word here is RESPECT!if you wont respect people, you will make a stupid action which later will comes back to like me, i respect people who respect me.i dont care if they are older than me or smarter than me.if u dont respect me dont ever think that i will respect you!

one of my fav karma song.

Karma - Cokelat

Sekian lama kita bersama
Ternyata kau juga, sama saja
Kau kira kupercaya semua
S'gala tipu daya, oh percuma

Kau buat sempurna, awalnya
Berakhir bencana

Selamat tinggal sayang
Bila umurku panjang, kelak ku kan datang
'tuk buktikan, satu balas 'kan kau jelang
Jangan menangis sayang
Kuingin kau rasakan, pahitnya terbuang
Sia-sia, memang kau pantas dapatkan

Akhirnya, usai sudah semua
Kudapat tertawa, bahagia

S'lalu tampak indah, awalnya
Berakhir bencana

Kembali ke Reff I

Kau buat sempurna, awalnya
Berakhir bencana

Selamat tinggal sayang
Bila umurku panjang, kelak ku kan datang
'Tuk buktikan, satu balas 'kan kau jelas
Jangan menangis sayang
Kuingin kau rasakan, pahitnya terbuang
Sia-sia, memang kau pantas dapatkan


Saturday, July 12, 2008

asyik makan.makan.makan.[diet la plak.]

sejak 2-3 hari lepaih, aku asyik makan je.da le byk mkn nye.tak tau le pe hei aku igt aku nk diet laa...tak mo makan aku makan bende len yg bihun ke, kueytiow ke.kalo nk makan nasik pon seminggu 2 kali je ke.dinner pn aku tak nak amik lewat2 sgt.paling lewat kul 9 la.pastu aku nak mule balik rutin aku minum air 2 liter sehari.huhu. air masak dipercayai bagus utk memecah lemak.dan aku jugak akan minum air green tea every day dan yg paling penting NO FAST FOOD..cecece..azam mendiet..benornye bkn ape nk diet memikirkan berat bdn aku yg suke sgt2 naik sket2..dulu mase awal masuk U berat aku 42 je.kuruih le ni 52 kg daa...mak aih.dlm mase 2 thn setengah naik 10 kilo!!oghang len dok sebok turun berat aku lak sonok2 naik kan berat badan..aih.tak leyh jd nih.ce bygkan lg 2 thn setengah naik lg 10 kilo!! woi! udoh 62 kilo berat aku.tak nak ar....kang jd PETI AIS!huhu.

dan yang paling penting skali, aku ni tak de le tinggi kalo berisi tu tak cun laaa..gemuk pendek kaedahnye...aih..kalo boleyh, aku nk diet sampai berat aku 45kg balik..berat tu da ckup sesuai da utk kirenye kena turun kan 7 kilo lg..fuh!chaiyok chaiyok!semoge aku berjaya menurun kan berat semua steroid nye pasal la berat aku naik ni..tak pon aku da jarang bersukan kene rajen la jugak jogging.skang ni aku me'aerobik' kan diri je..itu pon ok laa..ade efek gak kalo senam je makan tak jage susah gak.huhu.

so...bermule esok, 14th July aku mendiet kan diri.hehe.sebelum raya aku akan pastikan berat aku 45kg.hehe.moga2 berjaya laa hendaknye.hehe.

Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

Don't look at me

Every day is so wonderful
And suddenly, It's hard to breathe
Now and then, I get insecure
From all the pain, I'm so ashamed.

I am beautiful, no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down.
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring me down
So don't you bring me down today.

To all your friends, you're delirious,
So consumed in all your doom.
Trying hard to fill the emptiness
The piece is gone, left the puzzle undone
That's the way it is.

You are beautiful, no matter what they say
Words can't bring you down.
You are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring you down
So don’t you bring me down today.

No matter what we do (no matter what we do)
No matter what we say (no matter what they say)
We’re the song inside the tune,
full of beautiful mistakes
And everywhere we go,
The sun will always shine
And tomorrow we might awake on the other side.

We are beautiful no matter what they say
Yes, words won't bring us down, oh no
We are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring us down
Don't you bring me down today.

Don't you bring me down today
Don't you bring me down today.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

bila marah..

bila marah..ape nak buat??tanam sedalam - dalamnye kt dalam hati??atau lepaskan segale-gale nye ke arah orang yg kite marah tu??bile kite marah, mesti keluar segala ayat-ayat yg tak disenangi and indirectly kite akan downgrade diri kite sendiri.secara tak langsung nye keluar the dark side of us.and the worst is it will show the stupidity and the childishness inside ourselves. tp kalo kene pendam.buried the anger deep inside our heart..lama2 marah tu akan menimbun dan bile marah tu da tak tertanam lg terhambur laaa segala kemarahan yg kite tanam sekian lama.. jd.................mcm mane nak melepas kan rasa marah dengan cara yg terbaik??makin dipendam makin saket hati ini.makin panas di dalam hati walaupon di luar menanggung kesejukan.

dalam suatu hadis dari Ja’far bin Muhammad pernah berkata yg marah tu kunci segala orang tu tak de kekuatan marah, maka hilang lah harga diri orang tu secara total.dan orang yg tak marah untuk membela kebenaran jugak akan hilang harga dirinya.golongan2 ni dianggap ade mental illness.marah bukan marah yang mengikut hawa nafsu, melepaskan geram dan melayangkan kaki tangan sehingga memukul sebaliknya ia mestilah bertujuan mendidik untuk menunjukkan ketidaksenangan kita terhadap perbuatan maksiat itu. Inilah cara Islam mengarahkan sifat marah yang semula jadi pada diri manusia, supaya ia membawa kebaikan kepada manusia dan bukan membawa kebinasaan.Imam Shafie jugak pernah berkata if ade orang yg tak marah towards perkara yg benar [dibenarkan oleh islam] maka orang tu saling tak tumpah cm keldai a.k.a donkey.huhu. Marah yg tercela dpt dilihat malalui mata seseorang tu ketika marah.selalunye, mata nye akan merah dan tgn dan bdn nye akan menggeletar menahan marah juga dahi yg short, kalo orang tu tgh marah and die tgk cermin mesti die malu.sebab rupa orang yg tgh marah ni hodoh!

Seorang yang pemarah akan melahirkan ciri-ciri seperti menggunakan lisannya mengungkap perkataan yang kotor, suka memaki atau mengungkapkan apa sahaja perkataan yang tidak dilafazkan oleh orang yang sihat akalnya.Malah apabila kemarahan memuncak boleh mengakibatkan pergaduhan atau yang lebih buruk melakukan pembunuhan.

Bila marah melanda berusahalah mengatasinya dan cubalah dengan cara berikut:

Pertama : Renungilah ayat al-Quran dan Hadis tentang keutamaan menahan marah, memberi maaf, berlapang dada, dan keutamaan bersabar. Imam Bukhari meriwayatkan dari hadis Ibnu Abbas ra., ada la seorang datang nak jumpe dgn Umar al-Khatab.then orang tu kate Umar tak adil kepada rakyat. bila umar marah Umar nak pukul orang ditahan oleh al-Hurr.dan al-Hurr megingatkan umar tentang firman Allah '' “Jadilah kamu pemaaf dan suruhlah orang mengerjakan makruf serta berpalinglah dari orang yang bodoh” (Q Al-Araf:199). '' orang yg nyaris2 kene pukul tu pon dilepaskan.

Khalifah Umar bin Abdul Aziz juga pernah memerintahkan pegawainya memukul orang yang melakukan kesalahan tp bila beliau teringat ayat di atas segera khalifah Umar bin Abdul Aziz membaca firman Allah yang bermaksud: “Orang-orang yang diampuni Allah dan masuk syurga di antaranya ialah orang-orang yang dapat menahan marahnya”. (Q Ali Imran: 134)

Kedua: Takutlah akan seksa Allah. Cubalah meredakan kemarahan dengan berkata, “Allah SWT sangat besar kekuasaan-Nya atas diriku. Lebih besar daripada kekuasaan aku kepada orang yang membuatku marah. Jika aku melepaskan kemarahanku kepdanya, aku tidak akan aman daripada kemurkaan Allah pada hari kiamat. Padahal masa masa itu aku amat memerlukan keampunan-Nya”.

Ketiga: Bayangkanlah betapa hodohnya wajah dan bentuk seseorang apabila marah. Bayangkanlah juga bagaimana buruknya diri apabila berubah seperti binatang buas yang marah kerana kelaparan. Sikap ini jauh dari perilaku dan akhlak para Anbiya. Tanyalah pada diri sendiri adakah kamu suka menyerupai binatang buas yang tidak berakhlak atau menghiasi diri dengan peribadi mulia?

Keempat: Renung dan fikirkan juga sikap balas dendam yang menimbulkan kemarahan. Adakah kita telah menimbangkan seadil-adilnya sebelum melepaskan kemarahan. Jangan biarkan kata-kata syaitan membisikkan ke dalam jiwa, “Orang ini telah menghinamu, mempermain-mainkan dan merendahkan darjatmu”. Sehingga jiwa manusia menjadi merasa kecil dan terhina di hadapan manusia. Ketika itu hendaklah seseorang berkata kepada jiwanya, “Engkau merasa rendah diri lantaran sikap orang itu sekarang, tetapi tidakkah engkau merasa rendah diri tentang penghinaan pada hari kiamat. Engkau amat berwaspada dengan perasaan hina di hadapan manusia tetapi tidak waspada dengan kehinaan di hadapan Allah, malaikat dan para nabi. Ingatlah bahawa bagaimanapun keadaan marahmu, pastilah Allah akan marah padamu”.

Di atas adalah sebahagian daripada panduan mengatasi marah yang berkaitan dengan hati. Bagi perkara yang berkaitan dengan amal perbuatan pula adalah seperti sebaik-baiknya orang itu diam apabila marah. Sebagaimana sabda Rasulullah SAW yang bermaksud, “Apabila kamu marah, maka berdiamlah (jangan bergerak dan jangan bercakap)”. Seterusnya mohonlah perlindungan kepada Allah.

Duduk dan berbaringlah ketika marah merupakan sikap yang mengingatkan seseorang dengan tanah, asal dirinya. Dia akan merasa kehinaan hingga muncul sifat tawadhuk kerana sesungguhnya marah itu berasal daripada sombong. Diriwayatkan oleh Abu Sa’id dari Rasulullah SAW, “Barangsiapa yang mendapat sedikit kemarahan, maka hendaklah dia meletakkan pipinya ke tanah”. (HR Tirmidzi, Ahmad, dan al-Baghawi)


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

am i have ZERO life??

urmm..just now during class, i was having a simple talk with my friend.and at the same time i took a look at the newspaper.then my friend ask me whether i know how to read a newspaper.and frankly speaking i am not! was not like i will mess up the paper, but i tend to skip almost every news!hahaha.i dun have any eager to read news in newspaper.then i told my friend that i prefer reading news at my fav forum site cuz in forum,we only hi-lite the interesting and important issue.and i spend almost my whole day staying in front of my pc and foruming.

then my friend suddenly said that it sounds that i have no life!hahaha.then i suddenly thinking am i really dun have a life???but i do enjoy doing it.and now, i am not only foruming, but i'm also blogging and sometimes i will make a design for the "saya.chenta.muzik" t-shirt.and stilllll..i have to stay in front of my pc.hahaha.for pc is my life!i can't live without my pc..if i dun on my pc a day, i feel like "katak bawah tempurung".hehe.i will miss the hot story of the day.and i feel like myself incomplete on that day.and most important thing,i will feel soooo "sunyi" cuz i only listen to music through my PC.i do have mp4 but no pc is my boyfriend and MUSIC is my SUPER DUPER boyfriend.

maybe for people who is not addicted to forum or blog, they will feel that i am a boring person. and for me, people who spend almost 24/7 with a person so called love a.k.a bf/gf, they are waisting their time.and they have no life!

but every person has their own interest.and my interest is stay in front of pc, turn on winamp. press B to shift the songs and browse mozilla, go to, talk shit there, login to my blog write about anything inside me and make a design using photoshop.that's all!hehe.

song that makes me ALIVE...

Love Song - 311

Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again

Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am young again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am fun again

However far away, I will always love you
However long I stay, I will always love you
Whatever words I say, I will always love you
I will always love you

Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am free again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am clean again

However far away, I will always love you
However long I stay, I will always love you
Whatever words I say, I will always love you
I will always love you

dikala hujan aku sejuk[tp dlm hati PANAS!]

huhu..mmg sejuk ni kt melaka cuaca ikut dan die je..ari ni paneh terik esok ujan sepanjang hari..but actually aku bkn nak cite pasei ujan ke sejuk ke hape..aku nk cite pasei hati ku yang PANAS!!bkn paneh nape...pasei ade le oghang ni suke sgt caghi gado dgn aku...gemor benor die caghi saloh aku.ape aku buat aku cakap sume die nak complain..hiysh!sape le mak bapak nye..ce ngajorkan sket anak tu jgn asyik cari saloh oghang je..

kekadang tu kalo ikutkan ati yg paneh membara ni nak aje aku maki hamun oghang2 yg bodo aku sabo.mak aku da pesan lantokkan deme tu.aih..aku pon tak tau le mane ghope gayenye nak ngajor deme tu..mintak2 nye..satu hari nnt, Allah baleh je balek ape yg deme da maki hamun aku tu...huhu.kite nak wat pape pon susah..almaklum le..awok bkn ade kuase ape pon..seoghang setuden aje.kot le awok ni anak menteghi ke..senang le siket nak ngajonye.

so...bile aku ghase paneh dgn oghang2 tu aku akan layan lagu ni..

Take what you take - Lily Allen

A picture paints a thousand words,
As one door closes, another door opens,
And two wrongs don't make a right
Now good things come to those who wait,
Take the highs with the lows dear,
You'll get what your given and everything's gonna be alright.

What the fuck do you know?
Just cos you're old you think your wise,
But who the hell are you though,
I didn't even ask for your advice
You wanna keep your mouth shut,
You wanna take your thoughts elsewhere,
Cos you're doing in my nut,
And do you think I care?

Say what you say,
Do what you do
Feel what you feel,
As long as it's real.
I said take what you take
And give what you give
Just be what you want,
Just as long as it's real.

Now by a horse, I once was told
That all that glitters is not gold
And all that is to fear is fear itself.
This horsey also told me,
I should keep my friends close but my enemies closer,
So as to protect myself.

What the fuck do you know?
Just cos you're old you think your wise,
But who the hell are you though,
I didn't even ask for your advice
You wanna keep your mouth shut,
You wanna take your thoughts elsewhere,
Cos you're doing in my nut,
And do u think care?

Sunday, July 6, 2008


sejak akhir2 ni byk beno cite fitnah yg kuar...semalam aku nengok brite tv3 pon deme cite pasei fitnah..ape skang ni musim fitnah ke ape..aku dgn family aku pn kene fitnah gak...tak pon mungkin ni zaman totok2 ameno wat fitnah...isk..isk..fitnah tu kan lebey terok dari membunuh.jd kirenye hukuman nye lg terok le jugakkan.

aih..aku pon tak paham le ngape le ade manusie yg gemor beno fitnah2 org nih...kot ye pon da nyampah beno dgn org tu, byk lg care nak ngajor org tu..ape le yg deme dpt dgn care fitnah ni...kate kan le kot tetibe ter"reveal" cite sebeno.yg benor nye bende yg deme dok cerite-cerite tu fitnah semate..tak ke malu sendiri..silap2 cite burok deme plak yg keluor.

dari dok sebok2 sebar fitnah ni elok le deme reveal je cite sebenor..tak yah le susah2 perah otak tu nak wat cite sensasi kekdahnye..huehue.kekadang tu pasei nak mensensasikan cerite tu udoh jd tak logik plak.da mcm cite katun le pulak.dan yg paling syok skali cerite deme tu langsung tak masuk akei.kot ye pon nak mereka citer beragak le sket..pilih le plot yg tersusun and skrip yg sesuwei dgn keadaan main taram je..orang len bace pon mau gelak2.tetibe teringat kes anwar ibrahim mase 1998. 10 years back.jenuh deme pinda tarikh liwat tu pasei tarikh memule tu kondo tu pon tak siap kejadahnye deme ni...nak wat cerite tak reti.

ha lagi satu aku nak mention kt sini yg 1 lg spesis kaki ni kire fitnah putor alam namenye.die gune fakta yg betoi tp die putor fakta tu pastu wat fitnah..alahai.......wat susah2 je nk putor belit bagai...and once the truth reveal, kome gak yg malu sendiri..sembang kononnye aku ni le yg paling jahat antara yg jahat..padehei nye kome tu yg jahat..putor alam nye orang. konon2 nye inesen abih le...aku ni le jahat pasei menghina, maki hamun deme sume.aku ni le yg kuang ajor, suke mencarut hape....sekali mak haku take step diam teruih kome.ha len kali jgn nk igt aku n family ni diam pasei bodo piang..yg bodo piang tu kome..kekekke.suke benor fitnah orang.tunggu le ade lg bende yg akan di reveal kan.time tu 7 keturunan kome malu.

orang yg fitnah aku n family tu tunggu le.banyok lg mase.sejahat2 aku pon xde le aku nk fitnah orang tu...ape yg aku buat reveal the truth..aku tak reti nak fitnah2 orang ni..pasei mak aku tak peghonoh ajor aku fitnah orang.yg mak aku ajor suruh cakap benor kalo mak bapak kome tu memang gemor fitnah orang, tak heran le kome pon kaki fitnah.and tak heran jugak le kalo kome sume ni tak reti nak hormat mak pak sedare kome pasei mak dgn pak kome pon tak reti nak hormat sedare mare..macam ade orang tu ckp le "a fruit doesn't fall far away from the tree." sket lebey kurang le ayat nye..aku ni bknnye reti sgt qoute2 orang putih melayu nye pepatah reti le..mane ke lg tumpah nye kuah kalo bkn ke nasik..huhu gitu le kekdahnye.

jadi kepade kome sume tak soh le nak fitnah-fitnah orang ni...wat tambah dose je..dose besor plak tu..elok le kome sume wat keje len.kot ade orang yg wat kome marah ke ape ke..hadapi dgn senyuman..and bawok2 ler ngadap tuhan.

hadapi dengan senyuman - dewa

Hadapi dengan senyuman
Semua yang terjadi
Biar terjadi…
Hadapi dengan tenang jiwa

Semua…kan baik-baik saja

Bila ketetapan Tuhan
Sudah ditetapkan Tetaplah sudah…
Tak ada yang bisa merubah
Dan takkan bisa berubah

Relakanlah saja ini
Bahwa semua yang terbaik
Terbaik untuk kita semua

Menyerahlah untuk menang


weekend!!!damn!i hate weekend.

yeah~i hate weekend so muchhh cuz i dun hv any interesting activities rather than stay in my room in front of my pc and surfing net...argghh!that is soooo boring.what i can do is foruming at one of my fav forum site and viewing my friendster and searching for nice view for my pc wallpaper or friendster i decided to make my weekend be a little meaningful by doing something that i really into.

kno wat..i just bought a copy of photoshop software and i was thinking to make a design for a t-shirt. frankly speaking i'm not very creative to make a beautiful i'm using internet to search any beautiful picture or design and then i applied it on my design..and my theme for every design is "saya chenta muzik".i'm not sure whether people will interested with my design but at least i make a try..and my friends willingly to wear a tshirt wif my design on it around campus..hehe.this is my kick start to promote a brand new tshirt called "saya chenta muzik".

most of the design is something related to MUSIC! for those who is really into music, this tshirt is likely to suit you.hehehe.for now i've finished 2-3 is a very2 simple design. but i think it sweet anyway.hehe.i'm not sure whether to put the design in my blog or not.scared if people infringe my design.hahaha.

neway, later if i think i want to put my design here then i'll put it.but for now i dun think so....and i am new with maybe later on.okay i'll stop here.i will update my blog if ever i hv something to talk about..daaa~~


Thursday, July 3, 2008

yeay!!!i've a blog at blogspot..

fuh~~after a while i've been thinking to own blog at blogspot, and now i've realise it..all this while i often writing blog in friendster's blog..but.......ya.too "many" people offended me...maybe they "ate chili so they taste the spicy"wakakka..and enough is enough.

i wanna start it all over again here!no more writing in fs's blog!but for now i've no idea what to talk about cuz, the only thing in my mind is FOOD!haha..i'm hungry ler...i ate at 11 a.m today and untill now i never ate anything else..and it's's raining today from morning till now..but i love it least i'm not sweating...hehe..

orite....stop here.have to perform maghrib prayer...