Sunday, July 6, 2008

weekend!!!damn!i hate weekend.

yeah~i hate weekend so muchhh cuz i dun hv any interesting activities rather than stay in my room in front of my pc and surfing net...argghh!that is soooo boring.what i can do is foruming at one of my fav forum site and viewing my friendster and searching for nice view for my pc wallpaper or friendster i decided to make my weekend be a little meaningful by doing something that i really into.

kno wat..i just bought a copy of photoshop software and i was thinking to make a design for a t-shirt. frankly speaking i'm not very creative to make a beautiful i'm using internet to search any beautiful picture or design and then i applied it on my design..and my theme for every design is "saya chenta muzik".i'm not sure whether people will interested with my design but at least i make a try..and my friends willingly to wear a tshirt wif my design on it around campus..hehe.this is my kick start to promote a brand new tshirt called "saya chenta muzik".

most of the design is something related to MUSIC! for those who is really into music, this tshirt is likely to suit you.hehehe.for now i've finished 2-3 is a very2 simple design. but i think it sweet anyway.hehe.i'm not sure whether to put the design in my blog or not.scared if people infringe my design.hahaha.

neway, later if i think i want to put my design here then i'll put it.but for now i dun think so....and i am new with maybe later on.okay i'll stop here.i will update my blog if ever i hv something to talk about..daaa~~


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aku.chenta.muzik said...

weeeee...kamu2 semua silalah komen blog saya..