Saturday, July 26, 2008

key of freeeeeeeeedom~~~

July 23rd, i officially 21st years old........damnnn..i'm getting old and later i need to use olay total effect to repair and maintain my face from wrinkle and other old sign..hahaha!just joking ler...

neway..nothing happen on my just the same day like usual. on 12.00 a.m sue brought me to mcD.she spent an ice-cream and my feveret is mcflurrrrrrryy [thanksss sue..]~then get back home and study for midterm on the next dayy..and by the way thanks for those who wish on that night..they are, sharul [he wish me before 12.00 a.m - wanna be the 1st person.haha], sue, my dad [sharp at 12.00 a.m], my mom [couple of minutes after my dad.=P], my sis[she buzz me on ym several time.hehe], rima[yeah..i'm old...WE are old.huhu], reen and faisaaallll[the last person i talk to before i slept]

i slept around 2.30 a.m and i woke up at 12 o' it???nah...i think around 1 pm only i woke up. luckily i dun have any classes on that day...soooo i'm freeee.but.............i'm all alone..i msg nik to ask her whether she wanted to lunch with me..but unfortunately she has to take care of her housemate..[not feeling well..dunno whats wrong]. then i went down and tapau fried mee hoon with ayam masak merah..then i went to my room and i ate it ALONE while watching anakku bukan anakku drama...[sue's feveret.]then i went down again, buying a connetto love's spark ice-cream and green tea.then take my laundry and went back to my roomm..i just pampered my self with the ice-cream in front of my pc with some sentimental song played on.i feel soo sad because i cant give any best present for myself since i'm lack of money...but i dunno where the voice came from but the voice whispered to me that i might give myself the best besday present by studying hard for my midterm...haha!but unfortunately..i am not really follow the mystery voice..=P

then around 3 pm, redza wish me besday..i thought he forgot my bday already.hehe.then he ask me whether i was celebrating my besday last night..and i said he ask me whether i want to celebrate with him..then i just said ok since i've nothing much to do other than study for mid term.but the plan was canceled dunno y..act it's not cancel but it was been postponed to the next night.since the plan had been postponed, soo i used my night time to study and foruming.haha.i cannot concentrate on my study...o yeah..forgot to say thanks to those who sent a bday comment at my friendster - kak zana [lama tak nampak], along [her bday just a day after my bday], kak long,urmmmmmmmm who else eyh..o yea jaja[my old friend] and mirul [just wish]..owh one more thing...on my bday..i dunno y i enjoying listening to HIM's songs...i played all HIM's song and sing it together with ville vallo.hehe.

24th july, i missed 2 classes...i am lazy girl.apa nak jd laa..huhu.i woke up at 11.30 am.i take a bath and get ready for my mid term...then i went to class my friend keat wish me hapy bday.thanks keat.then intan also wish me.she said she forgot my bday.haha.hen the midterm beginn...i hv no idea what will be the result since i'm not studied with full-hearted.hehe. hope it will be okkkayyyyy~

during night i accompanied nik for dinner but she dont want to ate at the kedai kuning.she afraid if i will be late for the dinner with redza, rima, andrew and alison..around 9.30 pm rima fetch me and we went to Amigo.then few minutes later redza,andrew and alison arrive there. i ate sizzling steak black pepper and i think it is delicious and it really make me fulll~around 12 am we r going back.went i entered my room i saw sue slept already.she's must be tired.hehe.then i also sleptttttt..

25th July, i woke up around 12 and nik msg me cause she's hungry~haha.then i went to makcik indon cafe with nik and take my so called breakfast and lunch there.then i went back to my house...but then later nik msg me again said that rima ask us to go to her house because she wants to cook pasta~yeayyy!rima really good at cook.haha.when i arrived at rima's house, i helped her to cook and ate it..i dun care about my diet when it comes to rima's cook.haha.o yeah...rima made batik cake for me...OMG~she's really RAJIN laa..then we ate untill we are totally fulll..and when gals lepak-ing for sure there will be grooming session.haha.freda try to perm nik's hair.and it's fail...hehe.then nik had been our victim which we make up her face..act we spot at her eyes since rima have lot of eye shadow.and she is really willingly to be the victim..after freda went back home, rima suddenly ask me to put some henna at her..but i dun dare to since i am not so creative in making such a beautiful design on her hand.then i make a try on my hand and it was pretty ugly~haha.later nik ask me to on her some henna.luckily it was ok.then rima ask me to put it at her feet.haha.then i just put it with very common design.after a while we wash it at the result is the henna colour is just a very plain orange..but it's okay since the design is just astupid design.hehe.and after we finish with the henna, rima sent me and nik home.the best thing on this day was nik actually dunno when is my bday and she thought my bday is on 28th July.[pon boleyyy la nik]

and now 26th July, i am sitting in front of my pc, writing a blog and listening to dewa's songs. and also chatting with faisal just now..the ym offline AGAIIINNNNNN.hate it~~~

now...i think i want to sleep...i am a baby so i need to sleep 12 hours every dayy..that's mean around 3pm tomorrow i'll wake up..good nighttt..

song of the dayyy...baru je curi dari rima tadi....layyyyyyannnnnnnnnnn~

Menaruh Harapan - Zaiton Sameon

Sepanjang perjalanan ini
Lembah dan lurah ku lewati
Ketenangan yang ku cari
Belum ku temui

Ku menghimpun doa bertahun
Mencari pepohon nan rimbun
Bertemu dahan nan rapuh
Tempat ku berteduh

( korus )
Dulu aku sendiri
Kini masih sendiri
Hadapi hidup ini
Susah senang diri ku
Tak bertempat mengadu
Seperti burung kepatahan sayap...
Dihati kecil ku menaruh harapan...

Selagi hidup belum sudah
Aku akan terus melangkah
Ku yakin rahmat buat ku
Di hadapan menunggu...



Danielle_Corleone said...

hepi birthday sis! apa hal zaiton sameon plak ni! hahaha!

Amiene Rev said...

happy belated birthday...

aku.chenta.muzik said...

haha~~thanks for the wish.tetiba jumpe lagu layyan laa.alang2 da alone time besday.huhu. - daniel.

thanks...stil wonder who are you? -amiene-