Thursday, February 28, 2013

when your boss is an asshole!!

When your boss is an asshole, dunning kruger and the most annoying fat man in the world, All you can do is rebels until you find another job.

he's the worst boss i ever had. he's stupid, lazy, no iniative, full of crap and shit and most of all, he really dont deserve the title Head of Division.

I wish i can just shout on his face GFYS faggot, butt kisser!!!!!!

He don't deserve any respect. Not anymore!! I wish one fine day, he realizes his stupidness and open up his mind to accept the truth that he's one big thrash in this company.

he talks as if he really abide the company policy but the truth is he always go for "CHECK UP" without any valid supporting document. he just went missing as he please.

i hope, i highly hope i can change to other company very soon or he will leave this company very very soon. i love the company but i cant tolerate to this stupid asshole boss.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crazy Tuesday Morning

1     My Awesome Baby Swift stuck in Mud Buff this morning

2.       I can’t go out through driver’s door since the mud are quite deep on that side

3.       I need to get out  from the car through passenger doors to ask for help from the apartment’s   guard

4.       I change my shoes into slippers.

5.       My slippers stuck in Mud and my legs covered by nasty dirty mud

6.       My pants all covered with mud

7.       I successfully ask the guard to push my car.

8.       I need to get back in car with my legs covered with mud

9.       My inside car all go dirty since I entered car using passenger door and need to get to driver seat from there.

10.   I drove my car into basement parking.

11.   Illegally parked at someone else parking bay.

12.   I went back to my apartment to changed my dirty pants.

13.   Drove back to KTM station.

14.   Road was jammed as hell. It took me 30 minutes to reach KTM station.

15.   There was no parking space available.

16.   I made two round until I decide to park at very narrow risky place.

17.   I need to plead the Indian auntie to allow me to park my Baby Swift at that place.

18.   I was quite a bit of lucky when I manage to catch the train which reached just right after I bought the ticket.

19.   It was 8.15a.m and I need to reached office before 8.30.

20.   I was jogathon to the office which usually took 15 minutes walk.

21.   I manage to punch card on 8.28a.m.


23.   My colleague told me that my face looks glowy today.

24.   My another colleague has the same opinion.

25.   Me = smiling in disguise

26.    Positive thinking – Allah must have plan something awesome for me.

27.   Conclusion, keep calm and smiling. Just take it as blessing in disguise (though I did curse a lot this morning.)  =)

Thursday, February 14, 2013


somebody had impersonated me in facebook. this asshole is using my name and my picture. she even state my working experience and education details on the fb.

the worst is, she BLOCKED ME!!! yes, obvious mala fide. you use my profile and you blocked me for what? well all i think of is to tarnish my awesome reputation.

as time pass by, i will eventually find out who the hell you are, and at that particular of time, i will have no mercy on you motherfucker bitch!! FUCK YOU!!!!!

to the fucking bitch, i know who you are, i know where you are, i will find you and i will kick your fat ass!! remember, you can hide, but you can't run!