Thursday, February 28, 2013

when your boss is an asshole!!

When your boss is an asshole, dunning kruger and the most annoying fat man in the world, All you can do is rebels until you find another job.

he's the worst boss i ever had. he's stupid, lazy, no iniative, full of crap and shit and most of all, he really dont deserve the title Head of Division.

I wish i can just shout on his face GFYS faggot, butt kisser!!!!!!

He don't deserve any respect. Not anymore!! I wish one fine day, he realizes his stupidness and open up his mind to accept the truth that he's one big thrash in this company.

he talks as if he really abide the company policy but the truth is he always go for "CHECK UP" without any valid supporting document. he just went missing as he please.

i hope, i highly hope i can change to other company very soon or he will leave this company very very soon. i love the company but i cant tolerate to this stupid asshole boss.

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