Thursday, July 3, 2008

yeay!!!i've a blog at blogspot..

fuh~~after a while i've been thinking to own blog at blogspot, and now i've realise it..all this while i often writing blog in friendster's blog..but.......ya.too "many" people offended me...maybe they "ate chili so they taste the spicy"wakakka..and enough is enough.

i wanna start it all over again here!no more writing in fs's blog!but for now i've no idea what to talk about cuz, the only thing in my mind is FOOD!haha..i'm hungry ler...i ate at 11 a.m today and untill now i never ate anything else..and it's's raining today from morning till now..but i love it least i'm not sweating...hehe..

orite....stop here.have to perform maghrib prayer...


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