Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Listen have been a very “in” words today. It is clear cut that Ms. Listen is totally a bimbo.

*disclaimer: my statement is solely based on the “Listen Listen Listen” video. It is nothing than my very own personal opinion.

I would love to refer at my previous post on how someone with not so famous degree uplifts herself in public and compare that situation with Ms. Listen.

Obviously it is not too differ between them. Ms. Listen, use her “capacity” to shut the fuck up the outstanding student by took off her microphone. In my opinion, her acted was indecently violated article 10(1) of Federal Constitution.

Article number: 10
(1)Subject to Clauses (2), (3) and (4) -
(a) every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression;
(b) all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms;
(c) all citizens have the right to form associations.

*I quote the article just to enlighten those who are still in the room of darkness. Kindly open your eyes. You will still stay in darkness if you refuse to open your eyes though someone had already switch on the light for you.

In my opinion, she is a kind of person who is full ego and arrogant when she refuse to LISTEN and take into account the outstanding student’s opinion just because she is still a student while she had successfully obtain her degree.

Up to now, I am still wondering from which university was she graduated and in what major and minor, because she has no respected attitude at all.

Somehow I think she was acted so arrogant because the outstanding student was only wearing very simple clothing, while she was in her suit yet the outstanding student points and arguments were great and she may know nothing about all the facts.

Thus, the only way to shut the student was by pull off the microphone and shameful her with her disrespect and barbaric attitude.

Ms. Listen, I bet you are wise enough to answer the question intelligently but it is so disappointed that you choose to talk about animal’s problem. Is that your IQ level? UUM, you choose a bimbo speaker.

On the other hand, the person I talked about who love to uplift herself is slightly better than Ms.Listen. Well at least even though she always highlighted on her education level, her point of view is a good one. She talks fact. But when someone disagrees with her point of view she suddenly become bimbo and attacks the person personality. 

Honestly, that’s not the way of having open discussion. Everyone have their point of view and you must at all times accept and evaluate others point of view to widen up your mind and thoughts. Somehow I think maybe she thinks she is smart enough that no one knows more than her.. pfttt. Well, again, we can see her IQ level at her boiling points.

You’re not losing anything by respect others, instead you earn one.

**SRK once said that we may judge a person attitude by looking at the way he/she treating their inferior.


anna hashim said...

okeyh! listen! listen! listen! listen!

” Kami dah lama nak bersuara membangkitkan masalah nama “babi” terhadap kami sejak dari zaman 1891 lagi. Selepas melihat video tersebut, kami lantas mengadakan mesyuarat dengan ahli majlis tertinggi Persatuan Siput Babi 1 Malaysia dan sebulat suara ingin membawakan masalah kami kepada Sharifah Zohra untuk disuarakan.

Setelah sekian lama kami di diskriminikasi oleh setiap masyarakat manusia, hanya kerana nama “Babi” yang terpaksa kami bawa, walaupun ianya bukan dari hati kami yang sebenar. Siput adalah siput dan Babi adalah Babi”. Jangan bandingkan kami dengan Babi! Kami bernasib baik kerana ada yang ingin memperjuangkan masalah kami.


aku ♥ musik said...

well, even ass has problem. people keep on using their name to curse ie.. ASShole. ass and anal are not related. thus ASS must do something to preserve their name from being misuse...