Thursday, January 10, 2013


Tenth Day of January of the Year Twenty Thirteen.

Today my thoughts bring me such a serious life dilemma. Still unable to discover what I actually want in this life, what I’m looking for and what is my role here on this earth. Everything seems blurry. I myself can’t tell what I’m searching for in my life. All I know is I want a happy life. Honestly I can’t handle bullshit. I can’t tolerate with bossy people who talks like they know everything and take my opinion for granted.

My inner thoughts wish me to have a stable, simple happy life. I fucking hate dramas. I fucking hate problems that suffocate my happiness. That kills my peaceful ambiances.

I’m kind of person who will avoid commotion at all stage. I’m not a fighter, I’m a peaceful fella. Maybe this is my weakness. I tend to let people cross over my will. I always sacrifice my wish, to fulfill others wishes. Maybe this is the reason why I can’t figure out my life goal. I’m too busy helping others to achieve their goal and at the same time, I abandoned my goal.

2013 started not so well. Financial problem hits right on my pocket. I hope it’s only for January. Thinking about my goal, I have this one goal that I highly hope I can achieve. Hopefully I manage to save some money.

My brother once said that I shall not rely too much on my parents when I need money. I should have saving money. I should learn how to manage my salary. Well bro, I’m still in a learning process and honestly it is not that easy.

My wish is to be someone with objective. To be someone who will do anything to fulfill her wishes.

Wish me luck.


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