Friday, January 11, 2013

Trust me peeps.....

I was reading some online material just now when I bump into this comment.
“….bla bla bla bla… when suddenly….. i frm this  [isolated university] with a minor in [something might be related to this topic] i do knw wht im talking abt..

**The name of university and the minor degree has been removed to avoid dramas.

Honestly I do agree with her point of view but it’s a lil bit turn off there when the person enlighten about her edu level. Peeps….. who cares. Do you think people will listen to you when  they know about your qualification?

If you think they do, you may have the wrong thought. This is not a first time I read this kind of comment. It is irritating and annoying at so many levels. Sometimes they may wrote like “dude.. I’m a first class honour degree. You should trust me… “ or “heyyy… I’m a master degree grad. I must have know more than you.” sighhh. Grades are nothing. I don’t believe in grades. The way this fella talk is more like “dude.. trust me. I’m an engineer.”

In my opinion, being humble is so much better. People don’t bother about your edu level. What they care are your opinion. Even if you don’t state your edu level, if your comment are good and wise enough people will agree with you and maybe you able to change somebody stand or opinion.
Honestly peeps…. You don’t have to uplift yourself too much in public. Your brain will eventually show your IQ level.

Trust me; I’m a law graduate (LL.B) (LoL)


anna hashim said... me i'm graduated from university of adelaide...kelasss ko jah! oberseas sangat2....hahahhaaaaa....
being humble tu laaaaaaaaaaaagi bagus..allah x suka org yg suka meninggi diri ni...
biarkan la si luncai tu dengan labi2nye...hahaahahahaa
kang kena saman plak kalau SHOW OFF universiti apa budak tu..hahahahaaa

aku ♥ musik said...

ni lagi satuuu... luncai dengan labu2 nye laaa... heheheheh.

*trust me i got B3 for my Bahasa in SPM. hahahahhaha