Saturday, November 28, 2009

what the fuck is wrong for being single???

so what if i choose to be single instead of "double"??

does it makes me abnormal??no-no.

the one who is abnormal is the person who think i am.

i enjoy myself being single. and i'm not the type that doing something just to be one of them~

sometimes i wonder - is it a MUST for someone to have partner?

i wish i can stood up and said "so what the fuck is wrong for being single???

Dont Get Me Wrong by Lily Allen

Don’t get me wrong
If I'm looking kind of dazzled
I see neon lights
Whenever you walk by

Don’t get me wrong
If you say hello and I take a ride
Upon a sea where the mystic moon
Is playing havoc with the tide
Don’t get me wrong

Don’t get me wrong
If I'm acting so distracted
I’m thinking about the fireworks
That go off when you smile

Don’t get me wrong
If I split like light refracted
I’m only off to wander
Across a moonlit mile

Once in awhile
Two people meet
Seemingly for no reason
They just pass on the street
Suddenly thunder, showers everywhere
Who can explain the thunder and rain
But there’s something in the air

Don’t get me wrong
If I come and go like fashion
I might be great tomorrow
But hopeless yesterday

Don’t get me wrong
If I fall in the mode of passion
It might be unbelievable
But lets not say so long
It might just be fantastic
Don’t get me wrong


Faisal "Sal" Rosli said...

xdak salahnya aserappp!! sometimes single mingle lagi best wooo haha.

aku ♥ musik said...

kaaaaaaaaaaannnnn..runsing aku dengan soklan2 boipren niii...kang aku kata aku nak gelpren baru taw.hahaha