Monday, July 20, 2009

ouh..u might missed this..

to whom it may concern...

i am too concern bout my visitors so i make it BIGGER and CLEARER here... please read this statement before you scroll down and explore my blog!!!!

i take my blog as my diary..if you feel my writing, thoughts or feelings are bullshit then you're highly suggested to leave~i wont live to please people around the world.neway...thanks for the visit. =)

i will not be responsible to any damage or injury that my visitors suffer due to unfortunate events!!!

thus, take it or leave it...THANK YOU!!!

since i am to0o0o0o CONCERN bout my visitors, i dedicate this song to all my visitors..ENJOY!!

Kill the lights by Britney Spears
Ladies and Gentlemen,
we interrupt our program of dance music to bring you a special bulletin from the Intercontinental Radio News.
Our very own Pop Princess,
now Queen of Pop,
has a special announcement she would like to make.

(Spoken: You're on. I think I'm ready for my close-up. Yeah.)

You don’t like me
I don’t like you
It don’t matter
Only difference you still listen
I don’t have to
In one ear and out the other I don’t need ya
Your words don’t stick
I ain’t perfect but you ain’t either

If you're feeling froggy leap
I ain’t even losin' sleep
There’s more to me than what you see
You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

Mr. Photographer
I think I’m ready for my close-up
Make sure you catch me from my good side
Pick one
These other ha just want to be me
Is that money in your pocket or you happy to see me?

Kill the lights
(Take 'em out, turn ’em off, break ’em down)
Kill the lights
(Don’t be scared, make a move, see me now)
Kill the lights
(I feel you, watching me, watching you)
Kill the lights
(You can’t handle the truth, what happened to it?)
I killed the lights
The lights Pure. The lights Satis. The lights Faction
I killed
The lights Lights, The lights camera, The lights action
I killed
The lights Pure. The lights Satis. The lights Faction
I killed
The lights Lights, The lights camera, The lights action

All the flashin'
Tryin' to cash in
Hurts my eyes
All the poses
Out of focus
I despise
F me over
Your exposure
Not the best
If that was bad
Watch how I release this stress


You’re the star now
Welcome to the big league
They all want a pic
They all wanna see… see… see
What you’re made of
What you're gonna do
Is life gonna get the best of you?





akai tsuki said...

ala...nape sket sgt??
xcontroversial la...
pttnye, bagi la org 2 trkena sket..
lgpn, baik sgt la entry ni..

aku ♥ musik said...

hati tengah berbunga2 chenta camne nak tulis hate speech..hehe

Durian said...

ni awat nii shapp haha

aku ♥ musik said...

biasa la ada orang dengki dgn blog aku..huhu