Friday, February 14, 2014

Love letter on a Lovely gloomy day.. or maybe just an expression of feelings note to Mr. Bloggie

where to start oh my bloggie...

I have abundant you for quite sometime. Me very sorry Mr. Bloggie. It seems like everything are against us. Time is being too jealousy with us, the internet connection seems like a step mother who won't let me be with you even a second.

Dear Mr. Bloggie,

I'm sick. I'm not feeling well since last Thursday, 6.2.2014. I went to the clinic on Tuesday, 11.2.2014 for check up and the doctor gave me 2 days mc and lots of medicine for me to swallow. My body ache. I feel very week. I can't sleep well at night. I feel helpless and dying inside.

Dear Mr. Bloggie,

Today i feel a lot more better than last week. I can breath through my nose (please note that I hate breathing through my mouth as it will make my stomach bloated because breathing through your mouth is like you're swallowing the air. )

Today, I reward to my truly love myself a spearmint tea from Starbucks since I know that spearmint tea is very good for sore throat as well as digestion. Oh, it taste good too! I also bought a lot of dark chocolates just to make me feel happier. I am and I do feel happy with my current life but i need something to put the "-er" in my "happiness".

Dear Mr. Bloggie,

My boss ask me who's my partner for valentine. Honestly i don't have any and never celebrate it before. So today, i would like to wish you Mr. Bloggie, happy valentine's day. Thank you for always be there for me and let me share my deepest thoughts and feelings with you. Me love you Mr. Bloggie. :)

and me love you more "you know who you are"

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