Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mirr0r mirr0w on the wall, please wake her up.

N0rmal situati0n:

u enter a new office. Everything is new to y0u. The pe0ple, the smell, the envir0nment. Everything are total strange to y0u. Once you enter, the first thing to do are to smile and give g0od impressi0n b0ut us to every0ne.

The sec0nd thing t0 do is to make friend. Wait!!! Yes y0u can make friend but it must be with cauti0us cuz everything are new to y0u. To make friend, y0u must listen n just speak when it's necessary. Make sure u speak s0mething w0rth to be c0ncern.

The next thing is w0rk. Y0u're in the office. So of c0s y0u'll be assign to w0rk related or s0metimes err m0st of the time n0t related to ur j0b sc0pe. But, since u're new, y0u're under obligati0n to abide. And whatever it takes, y0u have to finish ur w0rk on y0ur own.

*imp0rtant n0tes: never g0ssipping or asking awkward questi0n that may tarnish ur reputati0n. Ur curi0sity may kill y0u.you may kn0w bout anything in the office as time g0es by.

Awkward situati0n:

on y0ur 1st day, u speak as u're having pr0blem with Letter R.

Next,u keep speak in english with every0ne as u're b0rn in UK, study in Aussie and live in canada. Which u actually just same like every0ne.

Next awkward situati0n, it's ur 2nd day in the office and u're g0ssipping b0ut staff.

Apart fr0m that, u also asking awkward questi0n. C0me 0n peep!! Keep ur curi0sity until certain time.

Last but n0t least u're n0thing here s0 st0p elevate urself as if u're wiser than every0ne here.

And n0w ur attitude ann0yed people here. Sigh...

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