Wednesday, February 16, 2011

why i don't blog as much as before

here i am in the office at night.

i'm quite boring now. i'm currently waiting for my cute lil lawyer finalized her submission before we can bind it.

thus, i take this "precious moment" to write something here.

honestly i miss writing. i miss the time when i can blog about anything at anytime i want.

but now, sadly.. i have no internet connection at home and it is not appropriate for me to blog at the office when i have other things which are more important to do.


and more terrible, i cant register the mobile blog thinggy!! fuck~~ i've tried several times but no response..i wonder where does it goes wrong.. T_T

my dear blog, it is not that i purposely abandoned u. u're always in my heart. u're the only place where i can expressed my deepest words..

ok peepsss~~have to go.. its already past nine!!

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