Friday, December 2, 2011



it's been almost a year i didn't update my blog. well i think I've lost my writing skill as well. forgive me if my sentences all upside down. i feel like i am a newbie here.

anyway, chambering had over. i've called to the bar on 21st November 2011 and now working as LA. Technically speaking, i'm officially a lawyer. welcome to adulthood Shafiqah!!!

my circle of life is almost complete.

2011 is almost over. and it is not too much for me to claim 2011 as the most challenging year i ever face.

Chambering was challeging but still i have fun during the 10 months period. Chamber at Messrs Nik Saghir & Ismail was an exciting moment. No matter how people try to put me down, i still have friends that helped me to stand back.

When i'm done with chambering, i thought it is something that i should cheer for. (as how i did when i've completed my degree) but i'm wrong. totally wrong. there's something that more challenging awaits. it's call working.

working is a serious issue. it's all about yourself and your presentation. honestly, sometimes i think i'm not yet ready for this phase. i'm still a young girl who loves to fool around, make stupid jokes and always have a happy moment.

but i'm wrong again. i'm 24 years old and i have a lots of responsibility.

Being a lawyer requires u to be far more mature than your age. you cant have a good laugh at the office unless your boss shows some sense of humour which require you to laugh. being a lawyer means you're always mentally prepared to be scold in front of others. in another words- you must have a very thick face. being a lawyer means you will never have a good rest until the time when everyone wish you R.I.P.

one of a senior lawyer once said that law is a jealous mistress. it may destruct your family institution, your friendship and even your personal interest. but, my inner thoughts says, if law is my mistress, she's under my control. she's nothing without me.

thus, i take pride to always hold on my life principle that whatever shits happen in my life, my family is my priority. if u don't love your family as much as i love mine, that's your personal problem. don't drag me into your lifestyle.


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