Wednesday, April 28, 2010

helllluuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~'s been like almost a month i've abondoned my blog. it's not that i'm too lazy or nothing to share..but i have so fucking lots of things to do. assignment, presentation, assignment, presentation, assignment presentation, mid term, and finally.....mock trial.

and today, i am totally free from all this thinggy. i feel bad for myself when i cant even started study and my first paper is next monday. yes. NEXT MONDAY!! so0o0..todaayyy i will start my revision and i'm going to torture my self for sure to absorb all the principles and cases as quick as i can.

hopefully my brain can corporate well with me to absorb and store well all the things that i'm gonna read later. i never start study this late.

anyway..actually i've lots of things to share here but i think that it just no longer fresh to share. so maybe next time when i have anything interesting to share i'll post it here.

for now, i need to study. if i come here later to write that's means i am fucking stress!!

okaayy enjoy this beautiful song. :)

Take It Slow by Estrella

i will keep you waiting
until you say something
baby don't be hating
i’m just doin my thing

no no no no, can u fill me in.

can i get your number
i will be your shelter
through the rain or thunder
break your heart i’ll never

love i’ll promise you forever.

maybe we can take it slow
i could show you what you’ve been waiting for
maybe we can take it slow
just let me show you what you've been waiting for

Sinking in each other
we will be together
lacing up my fingers
saving all my kisses for you, baby
you’re all that i need and
it’s got me thinking..

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