Friday, December 18, 2009

fresh air

when i'm not in the good mood, i need fresh air. fresh environment. maybe a different panorama will do.

i need to do something outside of my routine just to cool down this anger, my dissatisfaction heart, to forget everything that just mess my mind.


i choose to stay far away from "this" mess for awhile.
i choose to go to window shopping just to have a "beautiful" scenery.
i choose to eat something that i really craving for :D
i choose to listen to some songs which i less listen to.
i choose to cry which i'm not into it.
i choose to do something that obviously i hate it.

i choose all that just because i have buried everything deep inside my heart for quite sometime and now, my heart cant take it anymore.

people do said that we should always forgive and forget.

i am forgive and forget until the same thing happen and i cant my help my self from think of the past! the fucking PAST!

how on earth i can love and respect someone that never show me one. fuck off!fuck it! whatever!!

people might say that i'm silly and childish to upset over nada-nada things. but they never know how i try to respect and mingle someone that never respect me.

it such a bullshit when u expect someone that u never respect to respect u!!

u dun deserve anything from me until u show me some respect! huh~~


Faisal "Sal" Rosli said...

Apo konooo ni jangggg? marah bebenooo?

aku ♥ musik said...

masalah dalaman.haha. setelah aku melakukan sedikit terapi sumenye kembali normal :D