Tuesday, September 24, 2013


it's not easy to heal the pain in the heart. it will never be easy at all. all the memories remains no matter it is a bad memories or a good memories. it's already been there and always been there. it is not easy either to move on and to forget everything. i wish i have a selective memory where i can choose to not to remind of this and that shit. a heart will heal but it will not simply heal. it takes time (plenty of time), self courage, strong mental and external support. once you losing grip from any of these, it will bleed again. not because it happen again but because your mind tends to rewind those unwanted memories again. it is something outside our control when those unwanted memories come across our mind. one of the way to avoid from your mind keeps rewind those unwanted memories is to live in your own sweet dream where everything are alright and you're happy as fuck living your life like... "yeah.. in delusional" whatever. as long as i am happy. 

living in a real world is hard. it keeps breaking my heart and plays with my emotion. 


anna hashim said...

yea, delusional...delusional..delusional..U.K, delusional.. Australia..delusional..hawaii

penceritera said...

living in a delusional world, pretends that everything are just fine and smile like your heart never bleed before. Growing stronger!