Sunday, August 18, 2013

The happy ending

Happy ending is when all the character in the film are happy and satisfied with the situation including the antagonist character. At the end, the antagonist with full heart willing to let go the hero and heroin for them to live together happily ever after.

The antagonist will feel totally content with the situation without even a pinch of hatred, upset and dissatisfaction because the antagonist know that it is not worth fighting for when the love force between both the hero and heroin are just too strong and beyond their capabilities to destruct the love.

The love bonding between the hero and heroin is untie-able. The untie-able love bonding happens when two hearts are very certain with what they want in life and they know that this is worth to die for. Not to fighting for, but to die for. If the love force is only strong at one part while the other part is still in doubt, the love bonding is fragile and can be easily demolish.

When we are talking about love story, it must always be two person dancing tango. Just as love. It takes two hearts to create love relationship. By taking tango as an example, the dancing will be perfectly perform if both of the dancers know how to tango and love to tango. If only one dancer love and able to tango in a perfect way, it is still a tango but not a perfect tango.

So does love. You need a love partner who love you and happy being with you. If you're in relationship but only one part play an active role, and another part is merely follow and not contributing, it is still love but not a perfect love.

But heyyyy, my daddy always advice me that practice makes perfect. If you practice to tango everyday, you will be a great tango dancer just as your tango partner. and so does love. if you willing to open your heart and appreciate your lover in her/his bad or good time, willing to devote yourself and time for your lover.. one day.. eventually it will be a perfect love.a never ending love.

trust me. rab ne bana di jodi - match made in heaven.

if he/she meant for you, i believe all the creature in the world will help you to ensure that you are able to have your own happy ending story.

Happy one year yaobo.


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there's nothing to be sad when you realise that you're the reason behind someone's smile. =)