Monday, August 19, 2013

My heart skips a beat


There's a lot of reasons to be depressed.

Maybe someone hurts you. or maybe because you had hurt someone so badly that may cause unpleasant feeling to that someone. both way may cause depression.

You know that you're depressed when your heart beats fast. The beats are faster than after you had a 2 km jogathon. Even faster than when you saw your crush across the road. The heart beats too fast that it hurts your chest. Everytime you bend your body a bit, your chest feels like narrowing down and about to broken. It hurts too much that it is actually incomparable to any other feelings than being depress.

To make it even worst, depression may come together with a terrible headache. Just imagine that you're carrying 20kg burden on your head all the time. yea.. That's the feeling. You cant even move your head. When you try to turn your head and your body, You may feel like you're just awake from a week of bedridden. Never feel how difficult to move your body after a week of bedridden? well, i did. and.. It's pain. It pains a lot.

This is what i feel now. Depress.


Faisal R said...

kamu wat jahat kat sapa ni aserap.haha.

penceritera said...

hahahhaaha... rahsiaaaa...