Tuesday, July 27, 2010

being 23

last friday on 23rd July at 6.20pm i am officially 23 years old. so far after being 23, i can feel that there's nothing much changes in my life. i am still
- one lazy person

yes. i am still one lazy person that always skipping classes, not copying notes in class, not doing tutorial and always blur when lecturer asking question. hehe. well that's me and never change even from primary school. i always finding the easiest way to do things and if that thing is just too complicated i'll just ignore it.

- playFool

being playfool is just so0o me. haha. i love talking craps and makes stupid jokes. from school to uni..i think i never being serious. actually being serious is boring and doesnt mean that im playfool i cant do job well. it just for me being serious means u're stressing urself.

- sleeping beauty

this is me~if people ask me to describe my self, i would say that i am the ultimate sleeping beauty. haha. sleeping is one heaven things in this world. lying on bed with lots of pillow around you, gloomy bedroom and very pleasant whether just makes me sleepy. i can sleep more that 12 hours.. but now, i try to avoid sleeping in a long hours as it is not good for your health and brains.

anywayyy~~~after all..23 is just a number, getting old is all about how u bring urself :)


Faisal "Sal" Rosli said...

yaanggg hat suka memain suka mghapu dana kighi kanan tu mmg kamu! hahaha.happy birthday shaf :) aku org first wish!! haha

PS:terkejut aku tgk gambaq shane terpampang besaq nala gedegaq.haha

aku ♥ musik said...

hahaha..aku mmg kuat meghapu! habit sejak azali....thanks utk wish yang terbaik ituu.kamu mmg PALING!

*kamu terkojut tgk shane sebab dia hawt sgtt kan.hahaha