Saturday, January 1, 2011

it's 2011....

time now is 00.11 date 1.1.11

good bye 2010. it's so sad to leave you 2010. 2010 is a year of joy. i love 2010 as much as i hate 2009. all the good things happen in 2010. [you guys can browse my post in 2010. i'm so happy and everything when so well.] even though there were things that make me sad there are always good things that can cheer me up again.

i do enjoy my self in 2010. i thing 2010 is so meaningful year. however, it's time for 2010 to closing down so no matter what i have to move on and enjoy my life in 2011.

seriously i dont feel happy with this new year. i'm scared to go thru this year. all i can hope for is a fine life, without any emotional problems and no fuck up things happen on me. hopefully everything that i plan when well.

happy new year readers!!! may this year brings more joy to us.

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Anonymous said...

aku pun takuttttttttttttt