Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the lots of things!!!

homaigod!!it's been a long time i didnt wrote here.

it's not that i have nothing to share. but it just me that so damn effing busy. i have tonnessss of things to do.

and here is the list.

1. assignments
2. mid terms
3. mooting
4. law night
5. shopping [as it related to law night]
6. yea most of the time MOOTING!!

up till now...i still hv 3 assignments to go, 1 mid term, law night is coming this friday and i've done with my fucking mooting and soo does shopping.

ermm the shopping...i'm not so sure if i'm done.hahahaha. i'm thinking of buying some accessories but i'm not a person that loves them. they are just for the sake of law night. so0o i'm not sure bout that.hehe.

the mooting. yea i've done it!!completely done!!and as usual we lost!!hahaha. i dont care and i dont want to care. whatever sir "locus standi". i kno u loves so much locus standi until u keep asking that. wish to see u one fine day :)

then what??nothing.

actually there's a lot of things that i would like to share..but i cant remember them. nvm. maybe next time.

ok laaa.i just drop by to update something.or else i forget my blog password.hehe.daaaaa~~

just now, i've this sentimental mode and been listening to this sad love song. to all readers, enjoy this song =)

That's Why You Go Away by Michael Learns To Rock

Baby won't you tell me
why there is sadness in your eyes
I don't wanna say goodbye to you
Love is one big illusion I should try to forget
but there is something left in my head

You're the one who set it up now you're the one to make it stop
I'm the one who's feeling lost right now
Now you want me to forget every little thing you said
but there is something left in my head

I won't forget the way you're kissing
The feeling's so strong were lasting for so long
But I'm not the man your heart is missing
That's why you go away I know

You were never satisfied no matter how I tried
Now you wanna say goodbye to me
Love is one big illusion I should try to forget
but there is something left in my head

Sitting here all alone in the middle of nowhere
Don't know which way to go
There ain't so much to say now between us
There ain't so much for you
There ain't so much for me anymore

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